Cracker Jack Oakie Cracker Jack Oakie Crackers at 19 months old. Crackers got Beo's bed! Ya know who rules the roost around here!!! The Chihuahua that can steal the German Shepherd Dog's bed!!!LOL 179695453 Beo playing with 5 wk old GSD puppies and Crackers. Crackers is in about every picture we take of the German Shepherd Dogs. He is so funny! 179695454 Crackers at 5 months old, April 2012. Crackers and my big, bad DDR bred German Shepherd Dog Beowulf Von Gluckhaus! When Crackers came from Oklahoma at 9 weeks old, he was just 1.7 lbs and fit inside Beo's mouth. These two are best friends and Beo is so gentle with little Cracker Jack. 179695455