Newton Newton Newton Handsome fellow at five months. 203822389 Newton Newton on his "gotcha day!" 8 weeks old. 203822513 Newton Newton at 10 weeks. 203822512 Newton Passed! Newton completed his puppy obedience class at Spirit Ranch Dog Training. Newton and I are so thankful for our trainer's support and guidance as we work to complete our goal of being a certified service dog. 203822391 Newton at work Newton goes to work with me everyday. He provides support and comfort to everyone he meets. 203822390 Newton Newton at 7 months. Newton sporting his "Service Dog in Training" Vest. Newton just graduated from his Intermediate Class at Spirit Ranch Dog Training. 203989455 Newton Even dogs have to be safe while riding in a car. Newton wearing his seat belt. 203989456 Newton Believe it or not...Newton likes to swim in the pool or in a water bowl. Yes, he is "Pool Proofed!" 203989639 Newton After a swim, my mom gives me a warm bath and a blow dry? 203989458 Newton At work. Just hanging out and making everyone smile. 203989459 Newton On his first cross country plane flight. Listening intently to the flight attendant's instructions. Eight months old and just finished his intermediate adventure obedience class. 204234214 Newton and his co-worker Newton (9 months) and his co-worker "Tanner" at work. These two dogs make such a difference in all of the human lives they touch! 204234215 Happy First Birthday Newton! Newton likes reading the paper....especially about his beloved Cowboys! 204884933 Road Trip Newton rode in the car for 18 hours to Pennsylvania and then back again. What a champ! 204884934 Second Christmas Newton liked laying under the Christmas Tree. 204884935 Snuggled up Newton all snuggled up with our grand daughter. 204884936 Handsome fella! Newton Is now finishing his Advanced Obedience Class at Spirit Ranch. We are hoping to test for our CGC certification very soon. 204884938 Newton loves kissing! 204884941