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More maltipoms due the middle to end of October.  

Diesel is adorable, my favorite. White male maltipom.  Charting at 5lbs full grown and he is $1000  He is a momma's boy a snuggler deluxe.  Loves loves to give me kisses.  He is the sweetest little furbaby.     SOLD!! thank you.,
Elvis has a wonderful fun loving personality.,  He loves his toy and to wrestle with his littermates.  He will be a great fit for families with children.  Elvis is charting 5-6lbs full grown and he is $800            There is a video of pups on my Carol Chapman facebook page, thank you.    SOLD, thank you!
Would highly recommend! Carol made the process very easy and was always there to answer any questions I had. I am obsessed with Elvis, my new little maltipom pup! He is super well behaved and loves to be held! He's perfect for my little family! I can't thank Carol enough!!

Beautiful, healthy, sweet puppy. Harley (now Teddy) had his 48 hour Well Puppy Check, today, and the vet commended Carol on her care and feeding of him. Everything normal: Eyes, skin, fur, temperature, teeth, etc. all in excellent condition, and the vet was really impressed that Carol weans/feeds her dogs and puppies Royal Canin food (in this case, RC Puppy, Mini Bites). Edit: Oh! I forgot to mention that he came piddle pad trained! If he needs to use the bathroom, he'll whine until I put him down in his pen so he can do his duty on the piddle pad. I find that VERY impressive for a small breed puppy!

Both the vet and I have nothing but good things to say about Carol and her puppies, and I heartily recommend one of her babies if you're looking for a new furry canine family member :-).