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Hi Carol, Tuggah is great! We just love him so much. We love having him he brings so much joy. He's getting so big he weighed 6.7 pounds when we took him to the vet a few weeks ago he's probably 7 pounds by now. He loves to eat lol. He's very social... just loves people and other animals especially kids! He's the best so happy we got him. I've attached some pictures.

This is Mocha,AKA Bella,  a 1 year morkie female.  I will have in January ,2017 ready 2 males and one female.  You are welcome to put a deposit down and you will get first choice if you do,  thank you

This is Molliebear, AKA Stella,  they love love love her!  Morkies are wonderful family puppies!

Hi Carol! My fiancé and I bought a puppy (Banjo) from you last September 2012. We renamed him
Stitch, to match with our Morkie Lilo that we have. We just wanted to say to thank you so much for the irreplaceable addition to our family. Stitch is energetic and sweet and very much attached to Lilo. They are the best of friends. He's a little over a year now and has grown and changed colors a ton! So we wanted to send you some pictures. Thanks again for him, we don't know how we got along before him!

~Bree Craynon