Starlet born 6/18/13 Starlet born 6/18/13 Wating for Santa Paws 2013 Santa Paws is coming! 188166621 Merry Christmas Bone! This was worth the wait, Mom! I do believe in Santa Paws! I do! I do! 188166622 Love a soft blanket! I am so happy under, on or wrapped in a cozy is the softest warmest place ever. 188171978 My big brother Peeve and I Peeve is my best friend and my brother from another mother 188171979 It's cold outside! I am wearing my snowman shirt because I sometimes get cold when it is white and gray is almost like being under a blanket...which I also love. 188171980 Ha Hahahahahhahhaahahaha 188171981 My first Christmas! I am waiting for something...I am not sure what! 188171982 Sleepy Is big dog asleep, too? Ok then. 188171983 My favorite place on the couch I can see EVERYTHING from here! 188171984 Bat Dog! I love my bat wings...I can fly! 188171985 Halloween movie time Mom! Don't forget the popcorn! 188171986 The face! Mom! You're home! Thank dog! 188171987 My first Halloween! Ok Mom! I pick this one! This one is mine! 188171988 Thinking Hmmm...I wonder what that is on the looks alive! 188171989 Hi! Hi! 188171990 The do. Mom!! dad put water on my head! 188171991 My lil punkin I am a pumpkin! Mom! Can't I be scary? 188171992 My pretty smile Mom is home from work early and this makes me happy! 197281996