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ZuZu !

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Boston MA USA
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Name: ZuZu (HarmonyStar Kennel Name: Chloe)

BORN: DEC 2010



ZuZu is living in Boston, Massachusetts and is an everyday traveling companion to a couple working in the design & restaurant industries! She is doing great and she is adored by everyone, everywhere she goes (downtown, uptown, office, restaurant, boutiques, movie theater, weddings, hotels, city to country) 

Easy Tricks she picked up quick: 

"Cargo Up" this means "get into your travelling bag" it was the first and easiest trick she learned because she loves traveling with us! 

Heel/Walk without Leash: ZuZu will walk with us OFF leash, and will not run away more than 20 feet. She comes when she is called. We keep her close by calling her name when she goes too far. She will wait at corner for our lead when crossing street. 

"Outside" command word meaning time to go out to go #1 & #2 

"ZUZU" she learned her name within maybe two weeks.

"NO & STOP" She responds well when being told to stop!

"CALM" when she get playful and happy and crazy, she will calm down when asked (And rubbed lol) 

Amazing Habits


  • Instantly goes into a safe, relaxed "chill mode" when riding in the car. 
  • Loves and is very comfortable being zipped cozy in our jackets.  
  • Will follow our lead walking, and stay close by at events (BBQs, outdoors)
  • Happy to meet any dog (although most other dogs go CRAZY at the sight of her, so have to keep a close eye!)  
  • Ignores crazy dogs and if anything just wants to be picked up to safety. Does not attack or act vicious. 
  • Will sit on lap thru a whole movie at movie theater. 
  • If left in a hotel room, will wait patiently in one spot for our return. 
  • Will stay home comfortably and watch TV on couch until we return. 


Funny Bad Habits/Things to be careful of:


  • Likes to shred paper towels (feels good to chew) 
  • Doesn't like to wear collars- or anything that surrounds like neck. (we understand because we know her neck is so fragile! careful.) 
  • Does not yet feel comfortable on a leash & freezes (she is now 5 months old, we haven't forced her into it at all because she walks so well withOUT the leash, although it would be really great if we train her to break the fear and discomfort of leash and collar. 
  • Needs her SMELL time - If while on a walk, she finds a spot she wants to smell...she may ignore her name for a moment. 
  • Likes to eat dust and food on floors (at puppy stage def need to watch her around messy houses!) 
  • Is very partial and most comfortable to her parents. She get's a lot of attention and it can be overwhelming for her. She will throw a tantrum (freightful squirming and cry gerrring noise...and hand chewing)  if uncomfortable! Its a sign to please leave now. (i always say good to listen! she sometimes has great intuition!) 
  • Will *SNAP* if picked up in a harmful way (and rightfully so! Handle with care) 
  • Does not liked to be approached by strangers during her walk. Becareful she doesnt advance into the street to avoid them! 
  • What goes in must come out....Right away. Like's to go out immediatly after meals! (A good thing...with training...easy to train to go outside!) 



ZuZu (Chloe)'s Sisters Are: Sabrina, Macy & Jasmin born DEC 2010 to ALLY via HARMONY STAR KENNEL. We would love to know how they're doing! 

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