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Hello to all my families that sign in. Please do not forget to post a PHOTO of your pup with your member information. I love to hear from you all and always look forward to staying in touch and hearing how much you enjoy them. Thankyou!!

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Deidra Carlile 

Fri 12/3/2021 9:51 AM

Hi! Rolo(new name) is doing great! He is adjusting so well already. He is so playful and giving us kisses.

    I could never find words to say enough about Carol and her fabulous dogs.  Actually, I’ve gotten two dogs through Carol now.  The first was eight years ago.  Lacey was the most special dog I ever had of many.  I loved them all but we had a connection that can never be broken.  I lost her in October and contacted Carol in hopes there would be another Maltese available.  
Tucker is the answer to prayer and the best medicine for a broken heart.  The woman who bred him must have had the same exceptional gift for raising puppies as Carol because he is so perfect in every way.

    Thank you Carol for all you did to help me get another little Maltese.  For the joy, the fun, and all the love a puppy can give to everyone who meets him.   Blessings to you always.  God has a special place for you in heaven. ❤️

I always enjoy keeping in touch as u r such a caring breeder and gave our Chico such a wonderful and loving start in life.

I appreciate your continued interest in him. It was not just about selling a puppy!

I will always be willing to serve as a reference.

May God bless u and yours and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Chico and Christine ❤️🙏    11/6/2021

Kylo & The Katzman's

9:56 PM on May 6, 2021 

Dear Carol,

We are in love with our new Bichpoo!! Kylo has settled in great after taking the long flight to NY! He is an amazing little puppy and a great addition to our family! I want to post up Pics but can not figure out how to on the site? It says click the upload button but for some reason there isn't one there? Thank you for our wonderful new family member!

Angeline and Eric

1:54 PM on March 16, 2021 

Dear Carol,

Kaspar (litter name-Gus) has been an amazing gift, an immense joy in our lives. I wasn't able to have human children and I am so thrilled to have Kaspar to mother, teach and fawn over. Eric and I love taking care of him and he is so healthy and beautiful! I've managed to start a profile but I couldn't figure out how to upload photos. I will email you a few. Soooo grateful for you and Harmony Star. Thank you for your hard work!

11:57 AM on October 20, 2020 

I can hardly wait to meet and hear about my new furbaby! Thank you Carol for all your patience. 


2:51 PM on August 28, 2020

Elke says...

Love our new addition to our little family! He is so adorable!!! Thank you so much!!!

       Thank you Elke, I wish I could have met you at the airport :) 


10:06 PM on July 5, 2020 

Love our new addition to our little family! He is so adorable!!! Thank you so much!!!


2:16 PM on November 27, 2019 

Hi Carol. We are interested in another Malshi. We purchased on from you 4 years ago and love him to pieces. Marlo Carr :) 11/27/19


5:24 PM on October 29, 2019 

Oliver, MALSHI is doing amazing! He goes to work with me every day at my assisted living community and he is truly a blessing to us all. He loves my seniors and kids and is so gentle with them. It’s as if he’s already a therapy dog. He is so loved by everyone he meets.Christie Smith 10/28/19 Brookvale Tulsa Midtown He is a lover to kids visitng and residents, :)   


10:43 AM on August 28, 2019 

We got our 15 year old daughter a matlipom for Christmas as a surprise. We could not be happier with our choice!! The puppy "Rose" is the healthiest, cutest, funniest little thing we have ever seen. Our entire family fell in love immediately. Carol was an absolute pleasure to work with and very responsive.This was our first experience with buying a puppy off of the internet and having her shipped, so I was a little nervous but always had a great feeling about this breeder. I would recommend them to anyone!


10:35 AM on August 28, 2019 

Sven Ster recommends Harmony Star Kennel.

June 3 ·

Carol was absolutely wonderful and you can tell she loves her babies. She was great about communicating to us while we awaited to pick up our boy. We decided to drive from Michigan to pick up our baby from Carol bc we had a feeling it wouldn’t be our last puppy from her! Yogi has a wonderful temperament and we will definitely be getting another dog from carol in the future and would highly recommend her. Thanks Carol��

Swenja, Bryan and Yogi ��


8:07 AM on November 18, 2018 

Amy McAlpin Alcantara recommends Harmony Star Kennel.

November 12 at 6:50 PM ·

We are over the moon with our precious Morkie! She has been a welcome blessing to our home. She is a trained, registered, and certified Service Dog and is a world traveler. This past year, she racked up quiet a few frequent flyer miles.


She is very smart and protective of her mama, yet gentle with children, especially those with special needs. She helps socialize other service dogs within the Canine Companion organization.



11:49 PM on March 16, 2017 by

I purchased "Harley" a Yorkshire Terrier in November 2016. I renamed him Newton." He comes to work with me every day. We are in training to become a service dog. We just passed our first puppy class at the top of our class!!! Newton amazes me with his ability to calm and love everyone he comes in contact with. I'd love to post some pictures. Newton is also pictured on my agency website:


9:05 PM on November 29, 2016 

Jamie Kane

9:56 AM on January 21, 2010 by

hi carol, paco is a great little dog..we fell in love with him right away...he is great with paper training. already..and very loving.. thanks again.. jamie

Lauren Fairbanks

3:55 PM on December 22, 2009 by

Thanks Carol for letting me purchase Zoe...i love her to death...Harmony Star Kennel is home to beautiful happy pups and Carol Is a very nice lady that I very enjoyable to deal with...she really cares about her pups and likes to follow up on them.

Renee' R

10:51 AM on October 17, 2009 

I recently purchased "Rufus" from Carol (whom i've named Pacino) and I cannot tell you what a wonderful & pleasureable experience it was. She quickly answered all my questions & concerns, snet me updated pictures & even video of the little guy playing with other members at Carol's house. Pacino just got home from his first vet visit & passed with flying colors. They said he's completely perfect & quite handsome. He's the happiest, playful puppy ever & even showered me with licks & kisses at our first meeting. I couldn't have been any happier with an internet purchase as I was with Carol. I highly recommend her to all. Many blessings, Renee'


9:44 PM on October 16, 2009 by

Great website, Carol! I feel so lucky to have had the chance to meet all these little cuties and watch you interact with them. You really are fantastic at caring for these pups and putting them in the homes and families that they belong in! Can't wait to see the next litter!

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