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Teddy he is Mr Spunky of the litter.  Full of play, plenty of love.  He is a busy curious boy,   confident !  Teddy is charting 8-9lbs full grown and he is $800   WONDERFUL family puppies!!!

Tessa's new beautiful malshi puppies!  3 boys 2 girls,  all brown and white but marked differently.  born 2/26  and they will be ready the  end of April.  A deposit of $200 will hold one for you.  Puppies, normally range 8 to 900 and typically weigh 7-12lbs full grown.   WONDERFUL WONDERFUL family puppies.  Please view my facebook page at Harmony Star Kennel  for wonderful reviews,  thank you.

Bentley's beautiful litter,   How I so love the designer breed mallshi.  Wonderful loving laid back puppies,   Great with children too!!  Snuggling with full tummies with momma!

  Jazz is the smallest most quiet, gentle puppy ,  Full of love, ever so content in his evnviorment.  Persoanlity plus,  such a snuggler.  Jazz is charting 7lbs full grown and he is $900    

Harmony's 2 baby boys!!    I have not had black and white for quite awhile.

Christmas came early when we added this playful pup to our home. We found Harmony Star Kennel online and met Carol in November of 2016. Carol has a real heart for animals. We're so thankful to know Carol and we couldn't be happier with our Malshi puppy Windy!

Windy has grown up and she is beautiful!!

Some grown adult malshis,  sweet family dogs, wonderful with children, so full of love.  
He loves his, malshi  Barney Dog! We all do!! Such a good dog for our family! Barney joined our family when this boy was 1 and my baby was a about 6 mo - he's so good with his human siblings. My boy is 3 my baby will be 2 in a week and Barney will be 2 in April.
"Simba has been with us a year now,,,,,loves this dog to death! So funny his personality. Loves being held like a baby as we rub his belly....loves to chase us, and loves to wrestle. I swear he thinks he's a human little boy
We could never be happier finding him thru Harmony Star....thank you!"