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Pricing-Puppies are priced per color and size and confirmation. No one can guarantee sizing of a puppy. We go by parentage and weight charts. All of my puppies come with a health certificate by a veterinarian before being shipped. We produce a quality puppy , the puppies receive loving care. They will come well socialized with a loving dispostion. Deposits are welcome to hold a puppy. Please call or write. We meet families in Owasso Oklahoma, S Coffeyville OK, or Independence Kansas,. Whatever is best for you when we plan delivery if you can tell us, thank you

Guarantee: Registration fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer. To the best of the seller's knowledge and belief, this puppy is in good health, free from symptoms of contagious and infectious diseases at the time of sale and should be Vet checked within 48 hours of recieving said puppy. If the buyer believes this puppy to be sick, the animal should be taken to a veterinarian of the buyer's choice. A one year replacement warranty is given for any congenital, genetic disease not common to the breeds that caused your puppy to expire. proper fencing or supervision. Seller is not responsible or liable for payment of ANY medical, dental, or surgical procedures to maintain the animal’s health or well-being after the time of purchase. A notarized veterinarian report with definite cause from your state will be required. Buyers will be required to send by certified mail the full notarized vet report and all puppy's medical records. Sellers vet must confirm and agree with diagnosis. The seller will then give buyer a replacement puppy of equal value, same gender, from the next available litter. Replacement warranty will be terminated if puppy was abused, neglected, or does not have up to date records of vaccinations or fecal records. As of delivery, the puppy has recieved proper vaccinations, de-worming, and vet exam. Buyer has been informed of this. This guarantee does not include coccidia, kennel cough, hypoglycemia, cherry eye, steno tic nacres, under bite, and both inguinal and umbilical hernias ,giardia and luxating platella. The seller will assume no shipping costs associated with sale or replacement warranty. Size and color of puppy is an estimate based on seller's experience parents, and traits recognition. No guarantees can be made on size or color as an adult. Warranty applies to original buyer only.

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