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SHIPOO puppies born    Beautfiul designer breed, Shihtzu and Poodle.,  Wonderful family puppies, Intelligent.    A deposit of $200 will hold one for you.   Please email christmasbaby@hotmail.com once you have made deposit,  with your name address and phone #      THANK YOU !!       Right now,   I do not have any shipoo puppies available,  thank you for checking in.

I recieved this note today, it so touched my heart. Maybelle is a shipoo adopted in 2018, for Caroline's grandma. I apologize for the late reply. Sadly, the day we picked up Maybelle was the day my grandma was admitted to the hospital. She was there for two weeks and found out she had advanced lung cancer. The doctors let Maybelle come visit her during the stay, and what joy it brought my grandma!! Maybelle, just a puppy then, would lay on the hospital bed with her! It was amazing to see. Sadly, my grandma passed away a few months after that. But please know Maybelle was a light for my grandma both in the hospital and back at home!

I am happy to report that my cousin and his new wife took Maybelle the day after my grandma’s funeral. They absolutely adore her! We even got to see her at our family reunion this past summer. She looked so happy and loved!