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I am excited to share I will be having shipoo's, designer breed Shitzu and Poodle.  This will be  my first litter of having them.  My new shipoos are born and I have 3 females, 2 males,    I am so excited.!!   A deposit of $200 will hold one for you.     

My first baby girl shipoo Molly has been shipped to Arizona,   and they can't be more happier!   The whole family came to greet her when she arrived.  I am thankful for wonderful loving families., 

Cassie,  sweet fun loving baby girl,  outgoing.  She is charting  8lbs full grown and she is $900  She loves to explore and very playful!

Brindle,  is such a sweet little guy.   A wonderful snuggly family puppy.  Gentle and loving!   Brindle has already been neutered,   and he is $800

Lacy has a sweet personality.  She is animated as she plays and visits.  Lacy is charting 8 lbs full grown,  very smart family fit puppies.  She is the most laid back, no worries puppy.  Perfect all of the m for families with children.  Lacy is $900 Health guarantee, dewclaws removerd., uptodate shots.  Lacy is the most quiet in this litter :)

The Shih Poo is a designer crossbreed mix of the dignified, intelligent Poodle and the lively, Fabio-maned Shih Tzu.   

Whether your Shih poo has the curly coat of a poodle or the luxurious locks of a Shih Tzu, he will always have a cute, alert expression atop his sturdy little body.

And, with its adorably round face, wide-set eyes and soft fur coat, a Shih Poo would look right at home in a child’s toy box as it would in the dog park!   Please enjoy pictures of adult shipoos,  they are just to snuggly cute!