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Cristina Yackle recommends Harmony Star Kennel.



We had a wonderful experience, Carol, Mary and Brenda were all amazing to go thru the process with! Mary gave me a care package and the cutest blanket for our sweet girl! All her paperwork, to register her, do her microchip, and her vet records! We got a bag of her food and even some treats. With so many scams out there and being a person with high anxiety I wanted to share my experience so hopefully it puts anyone interested in purchasing from them at ease! The wait felt so long, but having her home has been the best feeling.

I’ll definitely be buying my next girl from them if we decide to add to our family! 

It was great working with Carol and Brenda. Bo is doing great! (Scottie). He loves to play and take naps. He is just so cute and funny! Thank you for your help finding our new baby. Thank you 💜 Lori & Randy  1/9/2023

Tonya Meadows Phillips recommends Harmony Star Kennel.



Picked up my baby Morkie yesterday and she is perfect! We all love her so much! Working with the ladies was a breeze and one can tell they really love their animals. Have no fear dealing with Harmony Star Kennel!

Tearra Salazar

November 9 , 2021

I got my beautiful baby and he is so feisty and playful. I love him. Thank you so much !

Amy Ashlock enjoying their new yorkie baby!

Nicole Burgess recommends Harmony Star Kennel.

Most definitely would recommend Harmony Star Kennel! They were fantastic to work with and we love our little guy we got them them almost two years ago. He has such a big personality and is the sweetest most caring dog.

Highly recommend!


The ladies from Harmony were so sweet and accommodating. Very quick to respond and answered all of my questions and concerns. Our pug puppy is perfect and we couldn't be happier!

Thank you Harmony Star! Otto, my Yorkie is an excellent dog. He’s very smart and the transition to our home has been great. APRIL GOETZ 4/21/20

I have loved and been a parent to a lot of dogs... I have loved mutts, pedigrees alike. I have helped foster and find homes for many many families. THIS Breeder is by far the best Environment I’ve ever seen. She is the mother to her puppies. They are immaculately groomed and clean. Carol is the most responsible Breeder I’ve experienced. I highly recommend, if you are looking for her breed of dogs. You will not be disappointed. ANGIE RIDENOUR

Bought our little Oreo from Carol. From the time when I contacted her to the moment We received our puppy the whole process went smooth.

My friend recommended Carol for a quality puppy because she bought her Maltese from her a year back. Said Carol is very clean and takes care all her dogs very well.

We talked on the phone and Carol told me which puppies she had available and sent me a picture of the one I was inquiring about. After making my decision to purchase the puppy I gave her a $200 deposit to hold the puppy. Once the puppy was old enough to leave mama (8 weeks) we received a blankie, dog food and a record of his shots.

We named the puppy Oreo and he is a blessing to our family. He is super smart, funny and sooo tiny! I couldn’t ask for a better dog than Oreo. Maybe I just love him so much or Im being partial to him , but I think I received the best puppy in the bundle!

Thank you Carol!!!!!! ❤️

 Kathleen Ritter Corrado‎toHarmony Star Kennel

March 30 at 10:39 AM ·

Zoey 💕💕💕 best puppy ever from Harmony Star Kennel-

She’s a little over a year old- Chipoo

JamyeandTerry Ragsdale recommends Harmony Star Kennel.

September 16, 2019 ·

If you are looking for beautiful, well cared for puppies, this is one of the best places ever. We fell in love with little Baxter the minute we saw him. Carol is great at telling you the things you need to know about the puppy you choose and preparing for becoming a puppy parent. So thankful we found this place!


I recieved this note today, it so touched my heart. Maybelle is a shipoo adopted in 2018, for Caroline's grandma. I apologize for the late reply. Sadly, the day we picked up Maybelle was the day my grandma was admitted to the hospital. She was there for two weeks and found out she had advanced lung cancer. The doctors let Maybelle come visit her during the stay, and what joy it brought my grandma!! Maybelle, just a puppy then, would lay on the hospital bed with her! It was amazing to see. Sadly, my grandma passed away a few months after that. But please know Maybelle was a light for my grandma both in the hospital and back at home!

I am happy to report that my cousin and his new wife took Maybelle the day after my grandma’s funeral. They absolutely adore her! We even got to see her at our family reunion this past summer. She looked so happy and loved!

Carol was absolutely wonderful and you can tell she loves her babies. She was great about communicating to us while we awaited to pick up our boy. We decided to drive from Michigan to pick up our baby from Carol bc we had a feeling it wouldn’t be our last puppy from her! Yogi has a wonderful temperament and we will definitely be getting another dog from carol in the future and would highly recommend her. Thanks Carol💗

Swenja, Bryan and Yogi

we just love our little Luna!! Carol and Brenda have been amazing with answering all my questions!! and our little girl loves to play!!!

Amy McAlpin Alcantara recommends Harmony Star Kennel.

November 12 at 6:50 PM ·

We are over the moon with our precious Morkie! She has been a welcome blessing to our home. She is a trained, registered, and certified Service Dog and is a world traveler. This past year, she racked up quiet a few frequent flyer miles.

She is very smart and protective of her mama, yet gentle with children, especially those with special needs. She helps socialize other service dogs within the Canine Companion organization.

Cortney King England recommends Harmony Star Kennel.

November 5 at 7:56 PM ·

We got our pug thru Harmony Star Kennel. Working with Carol was great. She's knowledgeable, friendly, and quick to respond to inquiries. I will definitely be recommending Harmony Star Kennel to my friends and family when they're looking to add a pup to their family.

E.j. Dwayne Black recommends Harmony Star Kennel.

August 15 at 3:51 PM ·

I just purchased a male Malshi that I named Bond and Carol was excellent to work with. Bond and I got home from Tulsa on Monday and had his vet check up on Tuesday and he is a very healthy little puppy.

We had a wonderful experience with Carol and are loving our new Maltipoo puppy, Brady, (formerly known as Jazz). We adopted Brady February 5, 2018. It is evident that Carol loves and takes great care and pride in her dogs/puppies. They come from a loving home and environment. Our puppy, Brady has a wonderful disposition and is a great addition to our family. Very pleased with the overall experience and would definitely recommend her and her puppies.

JULY 2018 We just purchased our second yorkie from Harmony Star Kennel. We had such a great experience two years ago with our first puppy, there was no doubt we would be back when we were ready for another. Carol is very professional and makes the whole experience so enjoyable. We would definitely recommend her for anyone searching for a healthy, adorable puppy!! Thanks Again!!!

April 2017

Beautiful, healthy, sweet puppy. Harley (now Teddy) had his 48 hour Well Puppy Check, today, and the vet commended Carol on her care and feeding of him. Everything normal: Eyes, skin, fur, temperature, teeth, etc. all in excellent condition, and the vet was really impressed that Carol weans/feeds her dogs and puppies Royal Canin food (in this case, RC Puppy, Mini Bites). Edit: Oh! I forgot to mention that he came piddle pad trained! If he needs to use the bathroom, he'll whine until I put him down in his pen so he can do his duty on the piddle pad.

 I find that VERY impressive for a small breed puppy!

Both the vet and I have nothing but good things to say about Carol and her puppies, and I heartily recommend one of her babies if you're looking for a new furry canine family member :-).

Hi Carol! I purchased "Harley" in November 2016. I have renamed my puppy "Newton". We are in training to become a service dog. We just completed our puppy class and passed at the top of our class. Newton comes to work with me everyday and continually impresses with his magic in calming and loving all of my clients. I'd love to post some pictures. I love this puppy more than I thought I could.

Carol, Jenny and I just wanted to let you know that we are so pleased with our new puppies and the service you provided us. We couldn't be happier and we are enjoying them so much! Thank you for everything!! March 2017

Guys, if you want the most well-mannered, most precious lil fluff ball ever, this is where you get it and affordable at that. This is 100% legitimate; they gave us a blanket to take our angel home in, a box with food and brochures on how to take care of her the right way, and a shot record with dates and instructions for future puppy care. If you want the best puppy you will ever have, you have to get it here! I hear that my zoe has a sister named kisses (how cute is that?!) that is still up for grabs! Hurry and secure her now! You won't be sorry that you did!!!! -

Alli Malinn Martin (a very happy and grateful customer!) Jan.2017

Michelle Irwin, Since this is our first dog/puppy we went about buying it all wrong. Then we did a mass search on the internet , all these wonder puppies came up that were all over the country. After dealing with two different "places" and promised a dog on Christmas Eve that we never received, we went to Carol. These places were both scams and wanted money up front, texted from a different number every time and never were willing to give us their names or to talk on the phone. We were able to get our money back from them, but beware they are all over the internet and will take your money even on Christmas eve when 3 children are awaiting a puppy!! Carol, 

Harmony Star Kennel, however is the real deal! She texted, messaged and called us all in a timely manner. She answered all of our questions. You can tell she loves what she does and is a professional! I highly recommend working with her to find the perfect dog for you! 11/16

Shannan J J Lamparski She's my princess and really is way too spoiled.... She gets to go shopping every weekend. The pet store workers just adore her and always send us home with free goodies. It's your fault tho for giving me such a perfect pup lol!!! 4/28/2016

Hello Carol,

This year has gone by so fast... that yesterday, April 1st we celebrated Sophia's First Birthday! She knew we were celebrating her too!

Thank you so much... Sophia has been the best thing to come into our lives, she is so full of love and lots, and lots of kisses.

Harmony Star Kennel and you truly raised my Sophia to be so loving and well mannered. she never barks and she's a ball of energy, and is very nice when meeting new people, but is protective of my fiancé (Kevin) and me : )

I have attached a few photos of Sophia over that last few months.

Thank you again..


~ Gina Washington 4/16


She is doing so great!!! Love her personality and am so impressed with her! She's great about her puppy pads, sleeps through the night, loves to play and is not scared of anything! So happy with her and can't thank u enough! The vet is in love with her and everywhere I've taken her everyone wants to take her picture so she's quite the little diva☺️. I'm in love with her and still trying to find the perfect name for I call her toodle bug for now! Jan 2015 Houston Texas

Maggie york, 12/32015 Shipped to Syracuse New York


I absolutely love her !

My girls love her so much she's such a good little puppy !

She slept all nite in a snugly blanket !

I will keep u posted on updates on her thanks so much she's such a cutie my 5 yr old is so in love he wanted to take her to school with him !

Take care


Hello Carol, just a quick note while Dior-A-Belle Paris is sleeping. We call her Dior ..... Yes I decided to make a play on adorable using a designer I love and still using part of the name you gave her. Hope you like it :-)

I can't believe how well she is settling in, it's like she has been here part of the family for weeks already. She was up about every hour to two hours last night which is what I expected but she did go potty, eat and got a bit of love then back into the crate (right next to my bed on a tv tray so she is same height as me) without an issue. Those heartbeat pets are lifesavers, in my opinion.

I believe tonight will be a little better with less waking as she is more comfortable here. She has already attached to me, looking for me whenever I leave the room or move out of view, quite adorable. My other two girls are not bothered by her, they are curious wondering when I am going to let them see her, lol. They are being quite good while I spend the extra time with Dior-A;Belle. 11/2015 California

Annie arrived safe and sound. She is adorable, playing and giving kisses as soon as we took her out of her crate. Been excellent using piddle pads. You are a fantastic breeder. Thankyou Dorothy Sloan 9/6/15 New Hampshire

Carol, Just to let you know that Laci is the Best. I could not have asked for any little dog that is as lovable,bossy, and rules the house as she does! She puts the 2 boys I have (maltese) twice her size in their place! I just wanted to let you have something so if anyone was skeptical about purchasing one of your puppies this is the best advertising you could get! Don’t hesitate call now and get on a waiting list if you have to you will never regret it!!! Once again Carol thank you for being so patient and kind! You have been available for me even after I brought her home I could call or email and you always answer me!!! Hows that for customer service!!!! If I could I would have about 2 more these are awesome puppies!!! Lynne Matrise Wisconsin.

I have always enjoyed looking at all of the adorable puppies on your site for the last several years, waiting in eager anticipation for the right time & pup...

We recently purchased the most perfect & precious little chocolate Chi from Harmony Star Kennel & our home will never be the same. She has stolen our hearts with her cuteness. She is so beautiful & healthy. She's also a feisty little pup so we named her "Sassy". She has been very easy to potty train, & listens surprisingly well for 11 weeks old.

Everything went smoothly & Carol was very helpful from start to finish. She answered all my questions & continues to be available if need be. Tiny as she is, Sassy arrived safely & with a beautiful blanket for cuddling & tons of love to fill our hearts for many years to come ! Thanks SO much Carol & Harmony Star Kennel! 6/24/2015

We are a family lover of Yorkies! We got our first yorkie about 4 years ago. I had to dog sit for a toy yorkie puppy just this past year and my mom fell in love all over again. We found Carol online and made the trip from Dallas to get our little guy Theodore!

Cindy Parker Hefner 12/14                 We love our Bruiser more than we ever thought possible. He rules the house! I am trying to talk my husband into another. I think Bruiser gets a little lonely and we are cautious about what other dogs he is around, because he is so small with such a big personality. I would definitely recommend your kennel. Thank you!

Rosey has won our hearts! My husband is determined to make her favor him! You sent us a beautiful well maintained pup! I was so worried about the flight, it couldn't have worked out better. We're so very thankful to you! Jill and Roland Morin

I bought my teacup Yorkie from Carol at Harmony Star Kennel last summer. My puppy is now 10 months old and is very healthy and just beautiful. She ended up being a tiny little girl. Carol was very friendly and welcoming when I stopped by to see the puppies. Her house was very clean and puppies were kept inside for special care. She made sure not to allow anyone to handle the puppies that hadn't finished with their vaccinations. I would definitely recommend Harmony Star Kennels to anyone looking for a happy healthy pup.

FEBRUARY 2014 Texas

Thank you for being so much more than a breeder. You were a true heart finder! "Blu" is a special little boy who has stolen our heart in a BIG way! Can't wait to keep you inundated with pictures. Alicia

                  November 2013

Jennifer Matwijec commented on
Harmony Star Kennel'sphoto.

Jennifer wrote: "We loooooove our puppy! We renamed him Mario and he already knows his name so well! Making progress on potty training and is just the love of our lives. Our other dog, Oscar who is a Chinese shar pei loves playing with him too! He is the best addition to out family with such a great temperament...THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!"

September 2013 Jake went to Ohio, Salomes Attar

I am absolutely thrilled with my puppy, Little Jake. He arrived safe and secure. He is all that you said and then some. Jake is very healthy and people friendly. ( He is so soft and handsome ) He has a wonderful personality and he is very smart. I'm so thankful I have him. I'm grateful for your kindness. You are very helpful and patient. It was easy to contact you and you always answered back right away. You were also very kind on the phone. I felt comfortable to purchase Little Jake from you. Five star all the way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

"Precious ( Gucci) is doing great! She loves posing for photos. She gives kisses and loves to run and play. Mom has her so spoiled . When I go over to see her, she will bark at me then chase me around the house before she will let me even pick her up. It is our game we play. When mom tells her I'm coming over, she waits for me on the couch and just looks at the door. She is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you Carol for raising such great puppies and pets. They are great companions." March 2013

Hi Carol!

Annie’s new name is Raven. She is adorable. Last night she slept in her bed with some stuffed animals and we did not hear a peep from her. She used the potty pad and acts like she has lived with us forever. I am feeding her Royal Canin for small puppies. We fed our other Chihuahua Royal Canin and she loved it. Thank you for taking such good care of her. You are the reason she feels at home with us. We absolutely love her!! Pattie New Mexico 8/2012

2/14/2013 Emma went to Philadelphia for Valentine's Day.

We made it home! I will let you know Emma is just a charm she greeted me with kisses at the airport.

> When we got home she ate and drank and she even went to her puppy pad and did her business then she started checking things out but didn't venture to far but with in 10 minutes she was feeling comfortable enough to start playing and following me every where :-)

> She is just to sweet! She played and ran around. She had a long flight but my goodness she is comical lol. I just love her to pieces and I don't think I will be watching TV because I love watching her run around and play :) It's like she has been here forever and that's a great feeling, you have done a wonderful job with her, not one accident here so far. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to own Emma.

Zara from North Carolina 9/15/2012

Just wanted to update you on his first night with me. He's done great...using the puppy pads and very very friendly! It didn't take him no time to warm up to us...I am so impressed w/ what you've done with him so far. I can tell he's been spoiled rotten w/ kisses!! ;) and I'm adding on right to it haha I've had nothing but good things to say about you to anyone who asks (I've gotten lots of compliments about him since I posted his picture on facebook!) Really appreciate everything you've done...I know who to go back to in the future!

Thank you so much Carol for our wonderful Yorkie we named Bella and the many trips you made to the airport to FINALLY get her to North Dakota. We also appreciate all the advise so that Bella would be safe and healthy. She is just a bundle of joy and FULL of energy and loves to kiss and hug. We would recommend Harmony Star Kennels to anyone. Hugs and Kisses to you from Tiffany/Bella.

Deborah and Mike from North Dakota 6/12/2012

Hi Carol,

Just wanted you to know that our little girl did fine her first night and day in her new home. My vet was very impressed with her state of health, gave her the booster she needed, and set up her next appointments for the rest. The whole neighborhood loves her, and she continues to charm everyone who comes along. Again, thanks for being such a good mommy to her and getting her to us in such great shape. I will send you pics as she grows and changes. Have a great weekend!

Deborah from Louisianna 4/26/2012

Hi Carol, Zoe is doing so well!! She went for her first dr. apt. and checked out great! I found a woman veterinarian that was so good with her, she gave her a treat when she gave her, her shot and she didn't even cry. She has been eating and playing so well, she gained two oz's. When I come into a room, I can put my hands on the floor, call her name and she will run and jump into my hands. She's such a little cutie! I can't get over, it's only been a week, and she has adjusted so well!

Thank you!!

Brenda 3/2012


Just want to thank you for our beautiful Tess! We gladly drove all the way from Illinois to pick her up after falling in love with her picture online! When we got there you graciously invited us into your home and let us play with the puppies and see how you raise and spoil them! You and your husband are wonderful and caring people! you were concerned that we made it home safe, and keep in touch to make sure all is well with our new baby! Thank you again and you can be sure that I will brag about our experience!

Thanks again from Tina and family in Illinois 11-17-2011


I recently purchased "Rufus" from Carol(whom i've named Pacino) and I cannot tell you what a wonderful and pleasureable experience it was. She quickly answered all my questions and concerns, and sent me updated pictures and even video of the little guy playing with other members at Carol's house. Pacino just got home from his first vet visit & passed with flying colors. They said he's completely perfect & quite handsome! He's the happiest, playful pup ever and even showered me with licks & kisses at our first meeting. I couldn't have been any happier with an internet purchase as I was with Carol. I highly recommend her to all. I have also enclosed some pics of Pacino. His very first shopping trip to a pet boutique the day after I received him as well as a picture of him in his new halloween costume! He's quite the little catch & loves playing with his new sister Paris (my 4-yr old chihuahua) and will be one of the most spoiled doggies ever =)

-Many Blessings, Renee' (From NJ) 10/10/2009


I got Paco from the airport around 9:30 P.M. We went to the ticket counter and waited for him there for a while but after about 20 minutes. Someone saw us and said to go to the baggage claim office. So we got home late and he was scared at first. But he seems to be fine now. He is super tiny and cute! How is he with going outside for the bathroom? He got a new soft bed and decided to pee in it. I will take some pictures of him and send them. What is your address so I can mail them. Thanks again for everything he is very cute.

             - Marcy 10/3/2009

Dear Carol,

I just wanted to let you know that we have decided on the name DAISY she is doing very well I can't believe how attached i have become to her i just love her so much its a joy to have her in are family. My mom just loves her to death to She is thinking about getting one I know you have a little brown one on the internet but i didn't know if you had any more please let me know. she is very interested in one THANKS again i will be sending some pictures.

              - Alicia 1/12/2009

To Whom It May Concern,

I purchased a chihuahua puppy from Carol Chapman via the internet and by phone in early spring of 2007. He is a male and creme-colored. He arrived at the airport alert and ready to play. It was clear that he had been well nourished and socialized.

We took him to our vet and he was given a clean bill of health.

Today he is a wonderful addition to our family and socializes well with our other chihuahua as well as with other dogs who come to visit. He gets on well with people and loves to play as well as to cuddle in our arms. He sleeps well through the night and is lively during the day but does take his naps. He is full of personality and is a beautiful little boy about whom I receive compliments all of the time.

I can see that his start in life with Carol Chapman was excellent which is so important to puppies and to their future owners!!


                                Christine Graham 2/11/2008

Hello Carol !! Chloe is doing so great. She comes with us everywhere, downtown, uptown, the office, our restaurant, other restaurants, weddings, shopping, and parks, big and small!!!

She is the most wonderful kind loving pet anyone could ever have.

She is extremely well behaved, and good natured. We treat her with the upmost kindness and love and respect and we make SURE that others around us do the same, and are careful with her because of her size (about 3.5lbs now!!) and tiny structure in this big world!

She is the star of every show, she gets attention everrrywhere she goes, people are amazed by her size, beautiful color and markings, her cuteness and kind nature. They want to know her whole story. She is a JOY....I cannot thank you enough.

I would love to write a review on your website because we were nervous about buying online as I'm sure others are often are too...but you are just running an incredible kennel. Your pets are beautiful loving kind....she has changed our life really, and we couldn't have imagined such a wonderful dog. She is totally, and completely part of our lives!! Theo and I both love her so much and we protect her with our lives!!!! Lol she is the center of our world now. Thank you Carol Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!!!!! 5/5/2011

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                           January 2012


We often call it love at first sight. I had seen this little fellow advertized with many others but for some strange reason everyday I couldn't help looking at his picture. After two weeks I finaly decided to send Carol some questions regarding Cisco. Carol was absolutely fantastic and I could tell she had a big heart. We practically lived a rollercoaster of emotions with the airline companies but Carol was with me all the way through. She made outstanding efforts so that we can finally be together. I shall never thank her enough for the trust, the understanding and the good service that she has offered me I am now in love with this little fellow of mine that we now call Tacos and I am pretty sure he is in love too!!!

He is a true gift from God and Carol LOL and kisses from Carmen and Tacos, Canada

Post a Comment: Best thing I ever did was getting my Yorkie here! He's adorable and I love ❤️ him so much! Thank you, Carol! I'd recommend you to anyone that wants a quality, gorgeous dog! Suzette Keehn   10/20/23

We had our baby flown with a pet nanny. It was a great experience. Sessie has been loved from day one. She is a smart, great girl. Carol was great to work with. I highly recommend Harmony Star!


Jenny A Oleson recommends Harmony Star KENNEL


We recently purchased our little Pug from Carol. He is the sweetest boy and adjusted immediately to our home. It was very obvious he had been handled and loved. Our vet was very impressed how healthy he was and the detailed records that he came with when we picked him up. I would definitely contact Carol for another puppy, these puppies are well cared for and loved. Thank you!

Happy birthday to this gem. Calli Matlock is 5 today.  7/2/2022

Rita & her husband  and her family of FOUR

Rita Dunham

I’ve gotten two Yorkies from Harmony Star Kennel, actually three , i inherited a Maltese also that came from Carol Chapman . All three good healthy babies .

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